Under Construction

I find blogging to be a great outlet for my thoughts. Not surprisingly, if you’ve spent any time around me at all you understand, I tend to be rather flighty and my internal dialogue is as well. But somehow, when I sit down to write, my thoughts line up in a nice organized line and march out one by one. It’s very clarifying!

Lately things have been a little harder to get out. My thoughts aren’t lining up…in fact, they’re running around and hiding.

I’ve got a lot under construction around here…the actual blog that will soon be shinier and newer (!); where we will be living–as our time in the RV is over for now; the kids and their changing focuses; and mostly–right now–myself. The energy I use to write our lives down in here is now being diverted into doing some seriously deep mental/emotional cleaning in my psyche. I spent a month doing that in a physical way and the shock waves to all that housecleaning on the outside has lent itself to a pretty dramatic housecleaning like that on the inside.

All that to say, I have very little to say. !!! My thoughts have gone to a place deeper than words. It’s like when I boil gnocchi, and those little potato balls of yumminess sink to the bottom of the pan. They’re only ready to be consumed when they float to the top after a few minutes, and can be scooped up easily. I’m just waiting for my thoughts to float on up.


19 Responses

  1. I so love your food analogies, they always make me hungry.

    Mmmm gnocchi….

    Anyway, just hoping all is well and I look forward to whatever floats to the top.


  2. I love gnocci. I first ate it in Brazil, where it’s spelled nhoque.

    • oh, I’ve never been to Brazil but have always wanted to go! I like that alternate spelling!

  3. Oh! But how come you are not staying in the RV? Was that not the plan, or have the plans changed?

    You got me very curious now, so I hope you will soon be back here.

    And lastly, a comment for the new blogg: Please turn on the full RSS-feed (it’s usually just a setting somewhere, because that would be so much better!!
    (RSS is used to read blogs kind of like emails, every post is sent to a feed, and you can “subscribe” and organize your feed in a RSS-reader, quite similiar to a mail-program.)

    • I second that! A snippet in the reader is most cumbersome. Thanks 🙂

      • it’s not the first time I’ve been called cumbersome…LOL. Consider it done.

    • yes, full RSS-feed is on the list. Along with so many other bells and whistles, I’m very excited! This free WordPress site has been great, but it’s time to move up and on!

  4. Well, I am definitely curious now about all of your upcoming changes! I have been where you are, with no thoughts. And it’s okay to be there. You’ve probably got something really good incubating!
    Waiting anxiously for the news of your next place and to see your new blog!

  5. I need an update my friend…I’m still planning a vaca in the beginning of august…give me a destination please!

  6. 🙂 (there was a smile in there, I’m actually waiting on hubby to get me that webcam…I told him he has less than a month to research before I go and get one! – hopefully I’ll see ya soon

  7. hope floats.
    when you are ready the thoughts and words will come.
    til then rest. sounds like you earned, deserve, and NEED it. now.

  8. So this happens to every body !

    I was thinking I will have to shut down my blog soon.

    May be that stage will pass on.

  9. Love the analogy! Hoping everything floats to the top pretty soon ….. Thinking of you often….. {{{hugs}}}

  10. I’ve been thinking about you – wondering how you are doing during all of this. Big moves and life changes always bring along all kids of other major life shifts and re-adjustments with them. Some expected, some not. Introspection and quiet can be a good thing. Hugs.

  11. A happy, thorough processing to you! 🙂

  12. I’m in the same kind of boat. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s coming, and when it does it’ll be great, but the process is rough. Your new changes will be fantastic. 🙂

  13. […] when I wrote about having some thoughts and feelings percolating in my psyche like gnocchi balls that weren’t fully cooked yet? Well, a gnocchi ball of thought has popped […]

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