Roadtripping By The Seat of Our Pants.

We took the time this Memorial Day Weekend to hit the road!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Pacific Coast Highway, to be precise, with the goal to drive up past San Francisco…stopping at interesting points along the way. We quickly found something out about California and the PCH. There are interesting points every 15 miles along the way!

Bench Monday::Long Weekend Edition.

The coastline of California is an amazingly diverse stretch of the world, and we ended up going much sloooower than anticipated. On the first day, this was mostly due to a little Danish town Solvang and some great food. Like, pancakes as big as my upper body.


And pastries…those will have to get their very own bloggy post.


So, we lingered. And made a decision based on the number one rule of traveling with kids: It’s better to do too much of a little bit than too little of too much. So we cut back our mileage and only made it as far north as Monterey. This gave us longer to play along the coast and the chance to stay in Big Sur for two nights.

As you might imagine, Memorial Day weekend is not the best time to take a spur of the moment trip specifically because it’s hard to find hotel or camping vacancies. We weren’t in the RV, but my minivan, and brought along our camping stuff. This came in handy when all the rooms and camping spots in Big Sur were full. We came across the Big Sur river, across which (at a certain spot) there were some amazing camping spots right under some redwoods. We didn’t see any ‘no trespassing’ signs posted, or any other signs indicating a problem if a tired family wanted to stop and stay for the night…so we boondocked. Crossed the river, braved river sharks, ate trail mix for dinner, set up the tent, and spent a great night under the redwoods and listening to the rush of the river.

It was great!

We saw so many amazing things along the way I’ll have to spotlight each one with it’s own post. I *might* have taken close to 1,000 pictures in 4 days. But who’s counting?!


15 Responses

  1. oh man, yes that stretch is amazing isn’t it?!
    my besties grandparents live in Solvang, fun spot indeed.
    Did you guys make it to the aquarium in Monterey?

    • Nessie, you’ll die when you hear what we ended up doing in Monterey. It wasn’t go to the aquarium! lol.

      Having people that live in Solvang would be fun for visiting!

  2. you guys rock! your river crossing reminds me of my hike I did with my parents =)

  3. What a grand adventure, looks wonderful.

  4. Lots-a-fun! Funny how you loved camping under those gorgeous redwoods … in Australia we avoid pitching tents under trees, as gum trees are inclined to be a little too friendly (heavy branches can easily drop down for a hug).

    The scenery reminds me of some of our favourite spots, the Barrington Tops in NSW, Coffs Harbour and the forests of Tasmania (our southern, island state).

    • I’ve never been to Australia–good to know that about gum trees… someday I’d love to go camping there!

  5. You rock,I really enjoy reading your blog.And as a homeschooling mama I have relaxed alot since reading your blog,thank you.

  6. ahhhhh, too much fun! …and gorgeous, to boot! What a perfectly spontaneous adventure 🙂

  7. very cool.
    wish i could sleep under a red wood!

  8. That pancake makes me yearn for one with lemon and brown sugar!

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