Finding Pfeiffer Beach, pt. 1

While we were staying in Big Sur, we heard legend of a great local spot called Pfeiffer Beach. There are no signs for it, other than an elusive sign on the side of the road, after a bridge…blink-and-you’ll-miss-it:


note, it doesn’t actually say anything about a beach, so it’s OK if you drive back and forth for a few times before you actually 1) see it, and 2) take the chance of turning down the road.

We made the leap of faith, after talking with some locals at the delicious Big Sur Bakery (we highly recommend their quiches, jelly donuts, lemon bars, and coffee cake!).

Once you make the turn and drive a little ways, there is a sign announcing Pfeiffer Beach is 2 miles away. Driving down the narrow, one lane road with forests on either side, I questioned how a beach could suddenly appear. Down here in So. Cal., the only thing you see on the way to the beaches are highways and palm trees…not thick foresty vegetation. I doubted. We all doubted. I took an iphone video to document if a beach actually appeared–in it you can learn about how our boondocking in a state park turned out. Did we get busted? Watch and learn…


3 Responses

  1. I love LOVE northern CA beaches! Life threatening dangers and all 🙂 I don’t really need to swim, just enjoy the amazing scenery, and the occasional whale or two. We’re hitting the road in a few weeks!!! Slight delay, but we’ve got to be out by the end of the month. Cleaning out closets……..

  2. You totally left us hanging!!!
    Eviillle 😉

  3. So??? Was there a beach or not????
    One thing I now know for sure—6 is the same everywhere!! goofball!

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