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“Kids Are Like A Bowl of Ice Cream” Contest! and Give Away!

I am sooooo excited to welcome summer back into my life! I get a big energetic kick anytime a new season comes into town, but summer has a little extra oomph to it.

Don’t be fooled by all my beach/summerish/pool pictures I’ve been taking since moving to So. Cal. in February:

give me a sign.

Even though this may feel like an endless summer, I remember that not too long ago I was dealing with this:

simple abundance

So….welcome Summer!!!

To kick off Summer 2010, I’m holding a contest. I’ve been mulling it over ever since I declared that if my kids went to public school I’d do nothing but eat ice cream every day while they were there. And then after a poorly worded ending sentence, many of you wanted to know if I were going to pay for everyone to take a trip to Coldstone, on me. And while I can’t afford to do that, I CAN afford to get one gift certificate and send it to someone!

So here it is…the contest…

“Kids Are Like A Bowl of Ice Cream”
In our overly standardized, hyperfocused on ‘normal’, one-size-fits-all society (*ahem*Ireallymeanpublicschool*ahem*) let’s celebrate how different and unique we all are by embracing our personal ice cream choices. Each of my kids creates such a different bowl of ice cream greatness that so totally reflects who they are! And that should be embraced and encouraged!

How boring would life be if we could only make our ice cream sundaes one way? With only pre-approved flavors and only predetermined topping combinations? And yet, that’s what our schools have become, and in so many ways that’s what our society has become. Summer is the perfect time to let loose and get a little crazy. Forget normal, forget safe, forget playing by the rules….go out there and let your kids (and yourself!) create something wild for your ice cream sundae.

Post your “recipe” as a comment here…each recipe gets one vote. Enter as many as you want! And then after the kids and I have tried each one personally, we’ll randomly select a name and send that person a Coldstone gift card. Or, if there’s no Coldstone, how about a Baskin Robbins one?

So, for example, here’s our recipes. We went to a yogurt shop (already, breaking the “ice cream” rules! But we’re unschoolers! That’s how we roll!) and Sassy put in mint yogurt with snickers, blueberries, gummi bears, and raspberries:


I did a mix of chocolate, mint, raspberry, and cheesecake yogurt topped with snickers, blueberries, raspberries, and dark chocolate fudge.


Voila! Two recipes, I’d then get two chances to win. And even more chances if I put down Naturalist and Golfer’s recipes, but they weren’t with us that day.

So there you go.

Fight “The Man”
who tells us normal is good
who brings us overstandardization
and scoffs at individuality,

By making your own ice cream sundae
However you want it,
And encouraging your kids to do the same,

Share the recipe here
and maybe win
a gift certificate
for more ice cream!

Yay for summer!

16 Responses

  1. I’m entering Juliet’s recipe from that fun day:

    chocolate and vanilla yogurt side by side in bowl (but not touching, never touching!)

    gummi bears, chocolate chips, gummi worms and M&Ms in a separate bowl (to save for later when the yogurt has melted)

    If I win, you and I are going out for root beer floats. 🙂

    • loved her conncoction, lol. !!!

      You cannot bribe me with root beer floats! My integrity cannot be corrupted so easily!

      ps. you’re totally going to win…

      • I would NEVER try to bribe you. (cough cough) You’re too smart for me.

        Win or not, we’re getting those floats. I’m in the mood for a road trip.

  2. wow Tiff. love this post/contest.

    If over 50 people ass their recipes to this post, I think it will be tough to “try out” all the recipes, but that should be fun.

    Back when I was younger, I actually invented ice cream flavors. I studied small indie ice cream brands as well as Ben & Jerry’s. I wanted to make ice cream so bad that I actually thought of moving to Vermont to work for Ben & Jerry’s. Somewhere in one of my file cabinets I have a whole notebook full of awesome creation ideas.

    Recently my friends Kris and Joe started their own icecream company in the Chicago area called Nice Cream http://www.nicecreamchicago.com/

    Right now I could go for some Mudslide Confusion

    Start with the finest coffee icecream
    mix in flakes of dark orange chocolate
    mix in some graham cracker crumbs

    simple, but yummy.

  3. okay, one of my girlies wants….rocky road ice cream topped with milk and crushed pecan sandies.

    i think i’m in the mood for….coconut icecream with topped with raspberry sauce, dark chocolate shavings and chopped almonds. mmmmm.

    i could go on forever. this family loves ice cream. 🙂

  4. Ok, I don’t think I can win. Cause mine hates new, different or unusual. Give him plain old chocolate or vanilla. If he’s feelin’ particularly rebellious, there might actually be sprinkles on it (but only the standard rainbow kind!). 🙂

  5. Good ol’ Cookies and Cream. I know…not very creative but we like what we like. 🙂

  6. We visited a make your own yogurt creation shop for the first time recently with friends. I was thwarted from making the creation of my dreams since they were out of Chocolate yogurt!

    My kids had lots of fun. Maybe we will go back and I’ll take notes on what we make and enter them in.

    Otherwise – my entry for now will be:

    Chocolate ice cream with broken chocolate cookies, fudge, raspberries and raspberry sauce and chocolate sauce on top. Mmm.

  7. My idea is a combination of my superfudge brownie recipe (http://www.sparklingadventures.com/index.php?id=912) but baked in an ice-cream cone (http://www.sparklingadventures.com/index.php?id=670) and then served warm with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top with ground peanuts and caramel sauce.

    It’s a bit simple, but I reckon it’ll be delish!!

  8. Jessie would like …. a root beer float with chocolate ice cream topped with cherries, tons of M&M’s, and pieces of rocky road chocolate bar, sipped with a crazy straw.

    Yup. That about sums up Jessie in one taaaalll glass!!! ;D

  9. A sundae that sums me up would be…. hmm….. French Vanilla ice cream (understated yet elegant! ;P ) chopped nuts ( a little nutty…), rum and raisins with strawberries ( a tad fruity!) hot fudge sauce ( because I love the heat! ) and lashings and lashings of chocolate sauce and chocolate curls… because… it’s chocolate of course!!! Top it off with one of those tiny umbrellas for my love of summer. Oh… and I’ll need three spoons….. for me and the kiddoes!! 😀

  10. My boy would love to eat black ice cream. Black licorice ice cream would be da bomb. He just likes black. (He and Johnny Cash are tight.)

  11. […] Posted on July 1, 2010 by childsplay A reminder that I am still taking applications for the “Kids Are Like A Bowl of Ice Cream” contest! To recap: “Kids Are Like A Bowl of Ice Cream” ************* Fight “The Man” who […]

  12. […] reminder that I am still taking applications for the “Kids Are Like A Bowl of Ice Cream” contest! To recap: “Kids Are Like A Bowl of Ice Cream” ************* Fight “The Man” who […]

  13. alrighty…
    go and pick blueberries for 2 hours, then make a delicious blueberry sauce
    have your kids smash cashews

    ice cream – any flavor, but matthew said he was going to be dreaming of the cookie dough ice cream with blueberry sauce and nuts

    Personally I liked the choco, vanilla combo with blueberry sauce and smashed horseshoe nuts.

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