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  • July 2010
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If You Were Ice Cream, What Kind Would You Be?

A reminder that I am still taking applications for the “Kids Are Like A Bowl of Ice Cream” contest! To recap:

“Kids Are Like A Bowl of Ice Cream”
Fight “The Man”
who tells us normal is good
who brings us overstandardization
and scoffs at individuality,
By making your own ice cream sundae
However you want it,
And encouraging your kids to do the same,
Share the recipe here
and maybe win
a gift certificate
for more ice cream!
Yay for summer!

I’ve successfully recreated all the suggestions we’ve gotten so far, and am looking for more. Not because I love to eat ice cream every day (which I do) but just to make sure I give everyone a fair shot at the $25 gift certificate to Coldstone!

So, leave a comment about your and your kids favorite ice cream sundae combinations and I’ll add you to the list of prospective winners!

In addition to eating ice cream, there are lots of opportunities to get out with your kids and let them show you their world. Don’t be afraid to do what they do! Here are a few more ways my kids help me keep my childhood with me always:

*have a water balloon fight
*have a bubble fight (fill the sink with bubbles, then scoop them up to go on the attack! It’s messy, but clean!)
*have a whipped cream fight
*challenge someone to a race (bike, foot, hopping, skipping, etc.)


*jump off the high dive
*jump rope
*hula hoop
*draw a masterpiece outside with chalk
*go to a candy store and get your favorite kind. For me, it’s jawbreakers and rock candy!

like a kid in a candy shop...


No one’s better at making summer magical than kids, so go find one who will be your mentor for the next few months!

4 Responses

  1. i can’t for summer break to start here, to do be a kid with my kids again, its my favourite time of the year. love your ideas!

    i have two fav ice cream combos, maybe too simple, some may say boring, and it’s definitely sweet.
    good vanilla ice cream where you can see real vanilla has been used, with a drizzle of maple syrup or with real passion fruit scooped over. delicious.
    now i can only have dairy free cream, which doesn’t come in many flavours.
    my boys will eat pretty much any combo of ice cream delights, with high lights being, mango sorbet, mint choc chip, sprinkles and sauces.
    big love miss you x.

  2. Emilee’s favorite is pomegranate frozen yogurt with Heath bar and Fruity Pebbles sprinkled on top. Jacob’s is pineapple fro-yo and coconut fro-yo mixed together with whipped cream and LOTS of cherries on top—-hey, it’s a piña colada frozen treat : ) And lastly, Hannah likes cookies & cream fro-yo with chocolate syrup, gummy bears, Fruity Pebbles, and chocolate chips. As for me, I’m down with the piña colada concoction myself…with a little umbrella in it please : )

  3. My choice would be chocolate and french vanilla with caramel and marshmallow sauces swirled in and bittersweet chocolate shavings! Baskin Robbins actually comes close to this, if you were to put in equal parts of their chocolate chip, Gold Medal Ribbon, and rocky road without the nuts and extra caramel and marshmallow. And maybe some chocolate jimmies on top for good measure.

    My six-year-old daughter says blueberry ice cream with strawberry topping and gummi bears on top.

  4. I like a brownie (my ‘mexican brownies that have cinnamon in them or my new favorite recipe, brown butter brownies) with some really good quality vanilla ice cream on top. it is the right mix of cold and warm (yes, warm up that brownie!)
    I think our little one likes it too- though last time we tried to feed O an icecream he screamed and screamed, “NO HAPPPPPPY CAKE, NO” (happy cake is any sort of desert in our house). Once he has a taste then he loves it, but that initial shock of cold is really hard to get over 🙂

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