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Art as Self::Self as Artist

6:52 of BAM!

I have some trickery afoot! In order to read this post, you’ll need to mozy over to my brand spankin’ new upgraded blog with a brand spankin’ new name and look and feel and taste and…and…and…well, I’m just getting over excited here. I can’t think straight. It’s been a labor of love to self host my blog and then design it all so it’s juuuuust right.

It’s still not perfectly just right, but if I waited for that then perfectionism might set in and I’d never think it was good enough. And I just can’t wait! Mostly because I migrated the content over a week or so ago, and don’t know how to migrate individual posts so I was losing all your comments! And we all know that it’s the comments that make this bloggy blog so totally awesome.

I could tell you all the cool new things you’ll see over there, but I think I’ll just let you find out on your own. Some things I haven’t gotten to yet, and other things I have but still don’t like, and other things I haven’t even been to yet…so bear with me while I iron out the bumps. Let me know what you think…but be gentle! I’ve spent lots of late nights learning about SQL databases and code and wordpress.org and I’m prone to tears when I don’t get enough sleep!

So! Go!

Here’s the Art as Self::Self as Artist post!

Here’s the home page where all the magic will happen!

2 Responses

  1. Tiff,

    You need to eat a cheesburger or two :-)… Holy Hannah you are thin…….

  2. Really love the new site! Good luck!!

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