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  • July 2010
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Teaching Is The Best Way To Learn!

A few more days, and then this childplay page will automatically redirect to http://www.freeplaylife.com 🙂 And then I’ll have a party and eat lots of ice cream and jump and shout! You all are welcome to join me. It’s bring your own ice cream. And, while you’re at it, bring enough to share with me…

New post about unschooling, learning, and teaching over at freeplaylife!

I also blogged another self portrait shot about being our own superhero. I’m my own mighty mouse…who are you?!

3 Responses

  1. Just found your blog today! Loved reading your post about unschooling. I recognized you on my blog today.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  2. I agree to that! Not all children are fast learner and can teach by themselves only.

  3. Hi there! I am glad to have found someone up my alley… Not big on getting on the computer, and as a not so busy custom home builder in Northern California I’ve spent sometime developing something that has always been in me… If you take a look at my web site you will see what I have done with the compass art idea. I never saw anyone elses work until this evening and I am overwhelmed with satisfaction. I too am looking to home school my busy little bee kindergartner who absoluely dispises going to jail everyday. As a child I was in the gates program but I don’t think even that will strike her overwhelming interest in everything but school. My site is called compassartcreations.com… I use only a single radius in most all of my designs and am looking forward to developing it further, maybe even comoputer friendly. The local retirement community has already asked me to be an instructor for them and offer this style as a course in there available classes. Not sure if that’s what I will do, but it’s nice to see there is interest in this medium. Look forward to your feedback. Michael

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