According to Sassy…

A while ago, Sassy Princess was obsessed with dividing objects into categories of “things with batteries” and “things without batteries”. Before that, it was “things with brains” and “things without brains”. Lately, she’s been wondering what is inside certain things. As in, “What’s inside rocks?” “What’s inside a bed?” “What’s inside the sun?” and on and on and on, all day long. I’m not quite sure if she’s asking metaphorically or scientifically…the mind of a 3 year old is quirky and not to be underestimated.

If I’m not giving her the right answer, though, she’ll usually tell me what she’s trying to get at. Here are some of my favorite answers from her…of course, she is the one both asking and answering her questions.

According to Sassy:

Q: “What’s inside of paper?”
A: “Papercuts!”

Q: “What’s inside of lips?”
A: “Kisses!”

Q: “What’s inside of Mammas?”
A: “Snuggles!”

Q: “What’s inside of hands?”
A: “Tickles!”

Q: “What’s inside of airplanes?”
A: “People!” (this thought makes her laugh, which is my favorite part.)