Running with the Geese.

When Sassy blows out her birthday candles (5!!! Have I mentioned that lately? My baby is turning 5?!) I’m pretty sure she’ll wish she could fly like a birdy. Only, she says it “like a birthdy”. For some reason, any ‘d’ sound is pronounced ‘thd’, and when she says it like that I just want to package her up so she can never grow out of it and learn to say it just plain ‘d’.

Anyway, she always talks about the birthdys and flying like a birthdy, and having birthdy friends. A week or so ago, we took a nature hike on a trail that had tons of Canadian Geese hanging around. She decided that if she gathered up enough dandelions (thdanthdelions) they would share their secret of flight with her. I don’t know why the Wright Brothers didn’t think of that.


So, she grabbed hold of Frito’s leash, and they both went off to find and add to her collection as many dandelions as they could.


She picked them the whole afternoon, one by one.



When she felt like she had enough, she gently carried them around with her until she found some geese.



Now was her chance! And guess what happened?

Running with the Geese.

No flying lessons, but they did teach her how to run fast!

Tired, but not defeated, Sassy left the trail determined to try again another day. Because I don’t know if you’ve heard? But almost 5 year olds can be quite persistent.