2e Tuesday: Blooming.

2 years.

I planted some columbines 2 years ago, and in those two years they haven’t bloomed once. They got green, and spread out, but never bloomed. Hubby wanted to take them out and replace them something else, but I really really wanted to see those flowers blooming! But no. They may be Colorado’s state flower, but they refused my front yard.

I’d given up this year. Not only given up, I didn’t even hope for the blooms. I just kind of ignored them while I tended to the other things that were greening up our yard. And then, I walked by today and did a double take. They’ve bloomed. Lots of them! In all kinds of colors! It took my breath away, not only from the beauty, but also from the unexpectedness of it finally happening.

2e, or, Out of the Box Thinkers, are so similar to my columbines. I’ve already written about late bloomers, as it applies. But even this term is a tad derogatory. “Late” bloomers. delayed, slow, after everyone else. I fundamentally disagree that there is a normal range for development in any form. You bloom when you bloom. Who cares when, or how, or why. Mark Twain certainly didn’t begin writing until well into an age where most people are well established in their career. Does it take away from his brilliance? In fact, maybe some of the gifts of his writing came because he took his time to bloom, and experienced a lot of what life had to offer first.

OOTBT need nourishment. Air, water, sun, and the big sky. They need time and space. Room to grow out as wide as they want and reach their roots as deeply as they can. They may not be blooming, but they are growing. Allow them that. Enjoy their process on their own terms.

If you happen to be in the library, check out the book Leo the Late Bloomer and stop stressing out. 🙂 Enjoy your child for what they offer, not for what they do that you think they should.

That’s what the columbines and my kids have taught me.