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A small glimpse into Mommyhood.

Most of mommyness is full of fleeting moments that go down unremarked and unnoticed. I’d like to take a second and point out how a little thing like eating a sandwich changes when you have kids in tow.

Exhibit A:

Sub sandwich from Subway.


notice how it’s flayed open, with some meat missing? We’ll get to that in a second.

I used to get a 6 inch sub from Subway and eat it. Actually, I can barely remember when I used to do that, because for the past 12 years I’ve taken to disasembling them. For Naturalist, who will eat no meat (seriously–not even at 9 months would she let meat past her lips), I used to open the sandwich up and give her all the veggies, leaving me with the turkey and bread. When she got big enough to get her own sandwich, Golfer came along and gobbled up all the bread and tomatoes, leaving me with the turkey and lettuce. Now Golfer gets his own sandwich, and Sassy is claiming her part. For her, I order myself a turkey sub with double meat and double mustard. Then she takes all the meat and mustard and leaves me with a veggie sub.

It’s a small thing, really, not eating a sandwich as ordered for 12 years. But it’s also kind of amazing. And I know when Sassy is old enough to get and eat her own sandwich…leaving me to eat my very own in peace…I’ll miss disassembling it. And that time is close, because now that Sassy is 5 she’s sitting at the big counter with the older kids now.

3 musketeers

Here’s a hat tip to all the moms out there who do so many remarkably unremarkable things during their day, whether it’s sharing a sandwich or eating a meal consisting entirely of other people’s leftovers. Cheers to us! There’s a banquet waiting for us all in heaven.


5 Responses

  1. Ahhh, it’s all about the remarkably unremarkable! I hadn’t thought about it in quite that way but I think you are QUITE RIGHT. Hurrah for the leftover-eaters!

  2. I would just like to be able to make one dinner at night instead of two. Owen is SO PICKY!!!

    Still, I’ll miss his rather limited repertoire of foods when he gets bigger and doesn’t need me to help him cook anymore.

  3. […] Now that she’s 6, she gets her own sub sandwich which ends 12 years of me sharing mine in all kinds of different combinations. […]

  4. […] Now that she’s 6, she gets her own sub sandwich which ends 12 years of me sharing mine in all kinds of different combinations. […]

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